How does it work?

Over 1000 charging stations rolled out in Occitanie territories according to a smart, carefully thought-out and responsible regional roadmap.

Access the service

If you are a member

As a member, you benefit from preferential rates. You have a client account which enables you to track your consumption and view your monthly bills.

  • Subscribe to the Révéo service
  • Receive your badge by mail
  • Activate your RÉVÉO badge using your client account
  • Recharge your vehicle using your RÉVÉO badge or with the RÉVÉO app on your smartphone

You pay once a month: view rates

If you are an occasional user

If you do not wish to subscribe, you may use the RÉVÉO service occasionally. On the RÉVÉO smartphone app, pay your charging session at the regular rate.

  • Download the RÉVÉO smartphone app on the Play Store or Apple Store
  • No need to subscribe to RÉVÉO: on the RÉVÉO smartphone app, click on “Non member”
  • Enter your payment information (credit card required)
  • Recharge and pay for your charging session

Recharge my vehicle

Log in/Recharge

  1. Geolocate the terminal via the Android/iOS Smartphone app or by clicking here.
  2. Unlock the terminal:
    1. Using the badge or the Révéo app (for members), by scanning your Révéo badge.
    2. Without the Révéo badge (for occasional users) by selecting the charging station and starting the session after entering your payment information.
  3. Plug in your cable to the terminal and vehicle.
  4. Close the terminal door to lock and secure access to the terminal.
  5. Make sure the vehicle has started charging.


  1. Unlock the terminal with:
    1. your badge or the Révéo app (for members) and unplug your cable from the terminal and vehicle.
    2. your Révéo app (for occasional users) and unplug your cable from the terminal and vehicle.
  2. Make sure that the door to the charging terminal is closed properly in order to close your session.
  3. You’re on your way!

Switch to electric cars


  • Electric vehicles adapt to urban and rural trips
  • Enjoy a comfortable driving experience (silent engine, no clutch, etc.)


  • With Révéo, take advantage of the more than 1,000 charging stations in the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée region
  • Recharge at home, at work, at the store, at car parks, and more!


  • The average cost for 100 km is €3 for an electric vehicle vs €8 for an internal combustion vehicle (diesel, petrol)!
  • Enjoy full or partial exemption from vehicle registration fees (carte grise)
  • Reduce maintenance expenses (no oil or filter change, for example)


  • No hydrocarbon, smoke or fine particle emission
  • Low CO2 emission